weekend accomplished

As per my post on Friday with my list of hopes and dreams of things to get done over the weekend here is what I/We accomplished:

Organize the closets
DONE: Organize all papers (file, toss, process)
DONE, DONE, DONE!!!: Print out some photos, frame and HANG THEM
Play Tennis
DONE: De-clutter my email inbox (unsubscribe to junk emails)
Grocery Shop
DONE!!!: Have Fun!

Still need to work on the closest and organize our clothes, bring out the winter clothes and I have some more pictures I want to print and frame as well as organize our new storage closet outside the apartment. So no rest for the wicked.

Some new decor for the entrance of the apartment. I like these cool mirrors I picked up at Target.

a framed photo

there are some photos of Zico Biscuit around the apartment now
and FINALLY hung the picture of Amersterdam back up!!!
Now I need to post a post showing some of the Halloween decorations we have in our apartment.

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