plans for the weekend

I've been in an ambitious mood lately to once and for all get our home organized and in tip top shape. Although we're pretty much there, there are always a few things like CLOSETS that we need to really some dedicated time to tackle properly.

Therefore I am hoping to get to the following this weekend:

Organize the closets
Organize all papers (file, toss, process)
Print out some photos, frame and HANG THEM
Play Tennis
De-clutter my email inbox (unsubscribe to junk emails)
Grocery Shop
Have Fun!

I think that's enough, we'll see how much I actually get to.


Debbie said...

Sounds like fun to me! :-)

Is it totally sad that I'm serious?

Emily said...

No it's not sad (well at least to me) because that's my idea of fun too!

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