Savannah 101: Where to go and What to do... (according to me)

Where to begin… Fer and I made our first trip to Savannah because of the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I read the book in college and loved it and wanted to find out more about this city that the book was all about. That was in 1997 our first trip South; now fast forward twelve years later we still love Savannah and have traveled there countless times; even live in the same state now.

As far as the historic district goes in Savannah, drop me anywhere and I’ll be able to find my way around and guide a group of people while I’m at it. I love it, I love the charm, the people and the scenery. So I wanted to share my recommendations of places to eat and things to do while in Savannah, GA.

Just recently, on our last trip, we finally made it to a new part of Savannah, Tybee Island. So as you can see there is always more to discover.

Savannah is a walking city, like Boston or San Francisco – so if you stay in the historic district you do not need a car to get around, just throw on a pair of comfortable shoes and hit the street. Savannah can be a weekend getaway or a whole week’s vacation, it’s up to you.

So shall we begin the trip? Vamos!

My Dining Recommendations:

The Pink House – The is Fer and I’s all time favorite restaurant, for us it’s not a complete trip to Savannah without having a meal at The Olde Pink House, located at: 23 Abercorn
If you’re interested in dining at the Pink House for dinner I would call ahead and make reservations, the restaurant is now open for lunch as well (something new) and usually it’s not necessary to make reservations for lunch. There is also a bar/dining area in the basement of the Pink House that you can have a drink at while you’re waiting to be seated or have your entire meal down there, it’s very warm and cozy and they also have someone playing the piano on most nights.

The Lady and Sons – another place to eat, at least once just to check it out, is The Lady and Sons restaurant which is Paula Deen and her sons’ restaurant. It’s good Ole Southern Food and has a very fun and friendly atmosphere. Many people now travel to Savannah just because of Paula Deen so generally this place is packed – you will more than likely have to wait in line to make a reservation, you cannot call in the reservation. Consider yourself lucky if you can just walk up to the restaurant and sachet on in that’s not usually the case. But if you are organized about it you can go in the morning wait in line make your reservation for dinner then go about your day and come back in the evening for dinner. Attached to the restaurant is a gift shop/book shop all things Paula Deen that is always fun to poke around in.

Clarys – This restaurant was in the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and it’s a must on anyone’s trip for Breakfast. They have the best oatmeal I’ve ever had and everything else on the menu for breakfast is quite yummy, including the GRITS. It’s a diner type restaurant and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner but we usually just make it a stop for breakfast.

Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House – not far from Clary’s is, besides the Pink House, one of the other BEST restaurants for local cuisine, called Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House. This restaurant is only open Monday – Friday and from 11am – 2pm and you WILL have to wait in line but it is well worth it. The seat you family style (or Thanksgiving style) where they just fill up a table and you will sit with people you don’t know and it’s a lot of fun. Also, you do not order off a menu, for every new seating the waiters and waitresses will just bring all the set food out from the kitchen and begin filling up the table. You (at least I think) will LOVE the food and want to like the plate when you’re done.

Rocks on the Roof - Rooftop Bar – This is a new place that’s located on the top of the Bohemian Hotel and it’s awesome. It’s modern but still keeps the charm of Savannah present – it’s a must on your stop for a drink and to take in the amazing views of the city.

Food wise you will need to try a praline while you’re in Savannah and I recommend going to Savannah’s Candy Kitchen on River Street to have one. I’m not crazy about praline’s but they are at least worth trying and they are typical to Savannah.

Now onto what to do, besides eating, while you’re in Savannah:

First I would recommend just walking around the city and checking out all the squares, they are all so pretty and it’s a nice walk to get to know the city.

Then I would check out River Street, this is where most of the activity is in Savannah, especially in the evening since there is a lot of restaurants and bars. It’s nice to walk around but in my opinion does not have the best options in food. To grab a beer or a praline it’s perfect other than that just take it for for the walk on the cobblestone street.

I would suggest you take one of the trolley tours of Savannah they range from $10 and up and it’s a good way to get an idea of everything the city has to offer and also a good way of getting around if you want. With the price of the tour you get the option to “hop on and hop off” wherever you’d like so that’s an alternative to getting around.

If you have more time and really enjoyed the book Midnight… I would recommend taking the book tour. There is also a Paula Deen tour although I haven’t taken that one yet.

Two of my favorite sites to visit:

Mercer House

Forsyth Park – See the amazing Fountain

Of course there are a million other things to see and you'll have to check out Tybee Island while you're there. These are just a few recommendations and I'm sure there will be more to come in the future. Safe Travels.

NOTE: I am not being paid for any of these recommendations nor do the businesses even know I’m blogging about them.

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L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

Hi Emily!

Thanks for commenting on my blog today and letting me know about yours!

I read this entire post to my husband just now! I will try and make it to every place you suggested and blog about it when I return and I will make sure I reference you as my helpful guide!

Thanks again girl!

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