December Daily: Catching Up

Here I'm playing catch up with posting some pictures from my December Daily project. I am really enjoying this project this year because I am not putting any pressure on myself I am documenting the moments as they happen no matter what happens. Here's what's been happening the past few days.

Day 1: The tree is up, it's a small artifical tree but I love it, to me it's perfect and it's such a joy to see in the apartment. Still a few more touches to add to it and I'll photograph them as they happen. (like putting a topper on the tree)

Day 2: Fer and I went Atlantic Station here in Atlanta and had lunch by the big christmas tree in the center of the "square". Took this photo of us from the reflection on the ornament. I love it!

Day 3: I was inspired to make this garland last year from reading one of Ali's Weekend Creative posts, but never got to it. I even cut all the felt but never had time to sew it together, this year I finally made it a priority and I think it came out great.
Day 4: was a Friday and did not do much that was Christmassy. I am in the process of receiving a promotion at work and this past Friday I was working like crazy to complete some projects for my old position and start some projects for the new position I'll be getting so the most I could accomplish that had to do with Christmas was to stop in at the Pottery Barn during lunch and pick up this ornament for our Christmas tree.
Day 5: Fer and I took our "son" "our first born" to sit on Santa's lap! Isn't this an awesome picture. We are having so much fun with Zico and are truely enjoying the experience of being new parents and everything that can go along with "kids" during the holidays. Everyone at the pet shop said that Zico took the cutest picture they had seen all day! What a cutie.
So that's it so far... I am really enjoying this Christmas season and I think that I'm enjoying it so much because I'm taking it how it comes --- no pressure this year. Of course I say that now... we're planning a holiday party on Saturday and I'm sure at some point this week I'll start stressing... but I'll try not to. :) Hope your season and your project is going well.

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