December Daily: Day 6

Day 6: Zico and I worked on possible photo options for our christmas cards this year, today we were practicing the poses and then the next time Zico got all spiffied up for the photo shoot. What a CUTIE he is! This was a busy weekend for us because Fer was preparing for a trip and a big event in Savannah for work. So these pictures were taken on Sunday evening when it was finally time to relax, at least for Zico and I.

I also took pictures of some of the decorations we have around the apartment for Xmas. Here's a photo of the felt garland I made, I love it. I have it wrapped around some candles above the entertainment center.

this is one of the FIRST christmas ornaments Fer and I ever bought it's Santa kneeling down to Baby Jesus, it's one of my favorites I just love the look of it and the calmess, I guess you could say. It's so peaceful.

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