December Daily: Christmas Cards

I decided to incorporate all the Christmas cards people sent us this year into my December Daily album because it really means a lot to me to receive these cards during the holiday season (I'm STILL working on getting mine out) Since I took them down this morning I wanted to take a quick photo to show how we hang our Christmas cards during the season. All I did was take a ribbon fold it at one end loop a plastic ring thru it and sew that folded end together and hang. I use little cloths pins or paperclips to hang the cards on the ribbon.

this year we got so many that I had to make another ribbon hanger and hang some on the other side of the wall. Can you find yours?

and of course I couldn't resist this photo, Zico just manages to snuggle up where ever he can. We are reorganizing the heck out of the apartment so we have things all over the place. Zico climbed up on the suitcase and made a little bed out of it. So cute.

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