December Daily: Complete

Here is the completed product. I am so happy that I accomplished this album this season. It was a pleasure to do and a nice way to remember the holiday season.

Here it is page by page, starting with the cover:

this is how the cover started out and here's a picture of the back also.

the ornament pictures are from Trader Joe's paper bags, I cut them up and they are throughout the book, really pretty paper bags.

the three circles on the left hand page are three samples of wrapping paper I used this christmas. I just used a circle punch to cut them out. Of course there are a lot of pictures of Zico Biscuit in all his cuteness and mischief this holiday season.

I included our holiday card (if I ever mail them out) also so I wouldn't forget what it was.
then I started adding christmas cards that people had sent us this year.
I had a lot of pictures I wanted to incorporate so I ended up making a few collages in Picasa to get all the pics in the book, I tried to organize them by theme - here's one of Zico. I also included a picture of our christmas tree and lights in the book it's so still this photo I love it.
a recipe for one of the new treats I tried making this year. Peppermint Bark.

some pictures from our anniversary trip to Savannah!

what probably should have been our Xmas card but we didn't take the picture until Christmas day. I wrote on the paper with a silver sharpie.
and some more of the Trader Joe's paper bags.
So that's it for this year! Such a nice feeling of accomplishment and a good way to start the new year. Next year I think I will just do a "photo a day" on my blog and document the season that way instead of creating an album, it was fun to do this year but you know you have change things up from time to time.
Hope you all are continuing to enjoy your holiday season!!

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