oh la la... Zico Biscuit in Paris.

A few days ago I was reading thru Paris Breakfasts blog as I do every morning and I noticed that Carol the artist behind the blog will paint "your pet" in Paris!! Who wouldn't want that! I am in the process of decorating my office at work and it seems to be going in the direction of a Paris theme so I thought this would be an awesome way to have an original piece of art with Zico Biscuit in it and even better set in Paris!! Original Art + Zico Biscuit + Paris = Priceless!

So I sent in this picture to Carol and this was the process.

a day or two after sending the photo in I received these sketches in my email box so I could pick one out to be used in the painting. I chose number 4.

after a few more days (the whole process took about a week) this showed up in my mailbox at home. Here's the cool French envelope that she uses to send the painting in. and TA DA! The beautiful painting of Zico in Paris in front of Laduree. Isn't' it great.
a close up.
here is a picture of her cool postcards she includes in the packaging that advertises her paintings of your pet in Paris. Even the postcard is a work of art.

it was such a pleasure working with Carol of Paris Breakfasts and I'm looking forward to someday seeing one of her exhibits in person and hopefully purchasing some more art. :)


ParisBreakfasts said...

That is a wonderful homage to Zico and moi.
Merci Beaucoup!!

The Scrappy Tree said...

How awesome is that! Love the idea, and the finished product is gorgeous :)

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