Project Wednesday: Calendar 2010

What a great New Year Project.
I am always making calendars, lately I've been making the kind of calendar that can fit in a CD case but recently I saw in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine this "Good Thing" a calendar using clip art that she provides on her website and hanging it from a 5x7 picture frame. Genuis! I love these frames from Ikea, they are so cheap and for me they are a nice thing to have on hand.

So here's a quick step by step - start with the frame.

measure and mark were you want to hang the hooks from to hand the calendar on the frame.

I made small holes in the frame with a nail and hammer so it would be easier to screw in the hook.

use cup holder hook
then screw in the hook.

print out the calendar clip art and cut it to size.
here's all the months printed out and now you can punch holes in them and hang them from the frame.

and the final product, the nice thing is that you can change out the picture whenever you like, but you don't have to fool again with the calendar it's self. Of course for me the part that took the longest was getting just the right picture of Mr. Zico. Once that was accomplished the project was done, probably took me an hour in total. The clip art for the project can be found here. Have fun.


{melissa} said...

what a great project, I may have to give this one a try!

Debbie said...

This is gorgeous. Can't wait for the day I can release my creativity again through these types of projects.

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