Zico's Second Snowfall

I'm sure the wintry posts are not over yet... Here's the results of our snowfall last week (wonder if there will be another one). This is what we woke up to last Friday morning, I think we should have had a snow day you know so we could shovel out from under the snow...

Here's some pictures from my early morning walk with Zico, see the snow?
this little guy is so cute.

the worst part of this recent snow "storm" was that for the most part it left the roads VERY icy as you can see here from this picture of the parking lot, that's one big sheet of ice.
there goes Zico to do his business and man you can hardly tell him apart from the snow covered ground. Thank goodness he's attached to the leash.
So then I was trying to have him sit in the snow and pose for a picture, but it was even to cold for him he was not in the mood for any modeling that morning. Oh well.
Stay Warm everyone!

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