Snowfall in Atlanta 2010

This past Friday, February 12th Atlanta had a pretty big (for ATL) snow storm. About three inches of snow fell in the course of an afternoon an evening. This winter has been amazing all over the United States this year. This past weekend 49 out of 50 states had some type of snowfall to talk about. It does make for a lot of excitement. It was so nice to get out of work early and come home with the anticipation of running around outside and playing in the snow. Which is exactly what we did, got home - got Zico ready and ran outside to see all that the winter wonderland had to offer. It was beautiful and amazing!
The snow was really coming down pretty steady. It's amazing how a place that rarely gets snow can look like this in a few hours.

Here's Zico Biscuit out in the thick of it all.

Here's a snowman some kids made in the neighborhood isn't it cool.
not so tropical plant, at the moment, tropical plant.
Check out more pictures of our snowfall in Hotlanta in my photo album on the left hand side of this page. What kind of snowy pictures can you share from these recent storms?


Dayka (Life +Style) said...

isn't all of this snow crazy? i've never known it to snow so much since '97.

Emily said...

We just moved here about a year an a half ago and was told it NEVER snows in ATL. LOL It's been a crazy winter but fun at the same time. Although I hope it's OVER now!

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