Superbowl XLIV

Two weekends ago now we hosted a Superbowl Party at our place. It was so much fun because it was full of good friends and good food. Here's some pictures from the party.

I began the process of getting ready early in the day so I wouldn't be running around at the last minute all stressed out. Here's a picture of me choosing which bowls would work for each snack and getting them out and ready to go.

Then I put one piece of each snack in the bowl I wanted to use for them so I planned it out early and when the time game I would just fill up the bowl or someone else could for me the map was already laid out.

Swiss Jager. Very good and not as harsh as the typical Jagermeister.
The fridge was well stocked.
some closeups.

Ribs! I made these for the first time for the party that night and they came out AWESOME! Will definitely be something I make from time to time. Recipe to follow tomorrow.
Cubanito platter, since the game was in Miami.
Hamburgers too. Definitely was not going to run out of food
Yummy Guacamole.
all set up and ready to go.
aren't these balloons cool.
we also celebrated a friends birthday so of course champagne was in order.
some bubbly anyone?
I hope you enjoyed your Superbowl festivities and stay tuned for the Ribs recipe and instructions tomorrow. Until next year! Go Brett Favre. :)

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