Backyard Traveler: A Day in Georgia's Wine Country

So... this past weekend a group a friends and I went on a day trip to Georgia's Wine Country which was designed by us to be a tour of some of the wineries in GA and a birthday celebration for Ana and I, both of us turning 30-something. :) I came up with the idea and created the invitation and then the plan was in place.

The plan was to visit 5 wineries and then have dinner at the last one, well the days itinerary changed a little while in progress but it was totally fine and I think even better in the end. It's nice to have a plan but also have the freedom to go with the flow.

Here's a picture of the back of the invitation and the winery lineup was as follows:

1. Wolf Mountain Winery
2. Three Sisters Winery
3. Frogtown Winery
4. Blackstock (we actually skipped this one because we spent to much time at the Frogtown Winery but that's fine now there's another one to go back and check out)
5. Montaluce Winery for tasting and dinner

All the wineries were great of course some had better wine than the others but they were all very nicely decorated and the people that worked at all of them were so friendly.

We had the privilege of being served wine by the wine maker himself at the Frogtown Winery, which that part made it really cool.

Here's a picture of the front of the Frogtown Winery.

Here's a picture of the vineyards owned by Frogtown.

inside the winery. They guy behind the counter with the white hair is the owner/wine maker.
We stayed at the Frogtown Winery for a late lunch, because we really were hungry by that point in the day. We had a delicious chili (both white and red bean) served with cornbread and Cesar salad.
Three Sisters Winery
Here's a picture of the vineyard area of the Three Sisters winery
Three Sisters Winery & Vineyards
Here's a picture from the Montaluce Winery - this one was really beautiful. Please notice that I posted a new photo album along the left hand side of my blog if you're interested in seeing more pictures from the trip.
I think this sign sums up the whole day, the experience and our lives. :)

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