Project Wednesday: Hanging Shelves

We purchased some hanging shelves from Ikea a few... dare I say months ago where once they got home just sat, to the point of me thinking ... "I think I'm just going to return these shelves we're never going to hang them and it may not work out how I wanted it to to begin with..." type thing. UNTIL this past Sunday when I looked a wall in our guest room in a different light (LOL) and thought hey I think the shelves will work on this wall instead... so I broke out the hammer, the drill and unwrapped the shelves. As usual things are not always as easy as they seem and of course that always holds true when doing something around the house... but I did it! What an accomplishment. The process wasn't that hard once I finally got my head around the plan at hand and the end result is awesome (in my book). What do you think?

Here's how it went... my starting point was figuring when the printer/copier/scanner is open how much clearance do I have to hang the first shelf, so that's where I made the measurement for the first shelf; very scientific and visionary. :)
Then between the first one from the bottom and the middle one I measured a foot distance and between the middle and top one I measured 6 inches so I could put some tall on both the bottom and top shelves.
Here's a close up of the fine craftsmanship!
and TA DA here it is all decorated and ready to go... awesome job, huh!
I am very proud of myself if I do say so! :)
So for all those projects you have laying around the house that you think will never get done.... there is hope!


Debbie said...

Great space - love the shelves!

Kaz and Amy said...

Those look so great! I love them! AND I love Ikea! I could buy everything in the store! Lol! Have a great Wed!

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