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Let me introduce you to Samba Flavor
Samba Flavor is a small business (soon to be big!) started by two friend of ours here in Atlanta (also recently from South Florida like us) that is specializing in making Authentic Gaucho Style Chimichurri and catering events with delicious food made with a Brazilian twist.

They have recently started selling their Chimichurri at the Green Market in Piedmont Park and have had so much success that we are all jumping for joy for them! Chimichurri is a steak sauce originally from Argentina and when done right (like Samba Flavor) it's made with fresh ingredients. I've tried several different Chimichurri sauces and none of them compare to Samba Flavor's even the one's at my favorite Argentian Restaurants in Miami. I'm so excited for them and wish them much success in their new endeavor. If you'd like to purchase some of their delicious products why don't you (if you live in the Atlanta area) check them out at the Green Market in Piedmont Park or go to their website and pick up some of their sauce online.

Here's a photo of a delicious meal Fer and I whipped up this past weekend. We made Black Bean Cakes, (as featured in a previous post) Brazilian Cheese Breads and Skirt Steak topped with Samba Flavor's Chimichurri Sauce - major YUMMOO.


Debbie said...

That's awesome! And that meat looks DELICIOUS!!!

Louis said...

Great......that is what I have to say about that Chimichurri steak sauce.
Bought three New York strip steaks from Walmart, ( wasn't expecting anything classy), but was really hungry.
Had a sample of the sauce at Buford Farmers Market.
Grilled the steaks, mesquite smoke flavor chips, they came out fine. Got to the table, had a fight with opening the SAMBAFLAVOR CHIMICHURRI tub, added it to the steaks....WOW, all three of us really loved the taste. Very good product.
But then again, it might have been the chef.
Thanks for the help.

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