Wine Review: Gaucho Club 2007 Malbec

Might as well start reviewing different types of wines that we've tried :) And YES I'll take samples if anyone wants to send me some to review. :)

We recently tried this Vino The Gaucho Club Malbec when we made our skirt steak and chimichurri meal the other night. It was very yummy just how I like Malbecs; strong but not abrasive. Has a good body I guess you would say. Malbecs in my opinion pair very well with red meat so this was a good pairing. I've had better Malbecs in my lifetime and I was also a little disappointed that this wine did not last longer than two days even though I vacuum sealed it each night. Now I know you may be laughing to yourself... why would a wine not be drunk in at least two days if not one night ... well Fer and I have had a bit of a cold this past week so it was a one glass a night maximum this past weekend, but I've had some wines last a good 4 to 5 days while being vacuum sealed so that was to bad. So chalk this up to a pretty good wine and a cool wine label.

On to the next bottle now. :)

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