Savannah: Legends of Golf Weekend

I can't believe that I haven't posted about this short little getaway to Savannah we took back in APRIL! I'm totally slacking lately - can you tell I'm enjoying the summer and the warmer weather. Well a few...weeks/months ago Fer was invited by the Westin in Savannah to attend the Legends of Golf Weekend and luckily I was invited too. :) It was an awesome weekend and just a little side note the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa is rated one of the most romantic hotels/resorts in the U.S., I agree. It's a really nice place and for all the times we've been to Savannah this was a whole different perspective of the City, literally from the other side of the River than we're normally on. As soon as we arrive and checked in a the Westin we were greeted by the most friendliest people and showered with gifts - what else could one ask for?

Fer and I are not golfers but since we were there for the Legends of Golf Weekend I thought I should take a few pics of the actual event.
Then of course we had to make our way around town in between relaxing at the Westin and attending all the fabulous breakfasts, lunches and dinners we were attending. We walked down to the City Market area of Savannah and saw this new water installation they put up, looks really fun and similar to Centennial Park in Atlanta.
and here's the MAN!
It wasn't a very sunny or warm weekend but what can you do - we had fun just the same. We made a trip to The Crab Shack again - fun place but we'll probably move on to other options in Tybee Island next time we go to Savannah.

And to wrap up the weekend here's two photos that show the view from our room. It was a really nice weekend.

Thanks Fer (and the Westin).

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