VineDog Weekend - Three Sisters Winery

A few weeks ago now Fer, Zico and I went up to the Three Sisters Winery for their Vine Dog Weekend Event. It was so much fun to take Zico up there he thoroughly enjoyed it. :) We love Wine, We love the Three Sisters Winery and the scenery there and we love Zico so it was a perfect combination and a really nice outing. Here's a picture of Zico and I preparing for a photo in the winery.

Here's some of the beautiful scenery at the Three Sisters Winery.
Working on getting Zico to pose for a picture by himself and practice for the photo he was going to have taken to be put on a wine bottle. See the use of treats... he'll do anything for a treat.
Fer and Zico, such a nice picture with the vineyards behind them.
and TA DA Zico posing for a beautiful photo, I believe he's deep in thought here. :)
He's really enjoying the day.
And here's the final product. You had the choice of putting the wine label on either a white blend or a red blend. We chose red as you can tell. I think the picture came out amazing. We had such a good time that day. The Three Sisters Winery in Dahlonega, GA is a really nice winery to visit. The people are so friendly, the winery is beautiful and the wine is delicious! What else could you ask for? a close up.
and if you know anything about wine you'll know that Zico's wine fits in just right in between these other two bottles. :)
They are having another event this weekend, we're hoping to make it up there for it. It's the Georgia's Wine Country Festival and it should be a really nice event as well.

Enjoy the weekend and enjoy a glass of vino during it. :)


Sharon said...

WOW! A VineDog Zico label in the company of Silver Oak! Very Nice indeed. Cheers, Doug Paul-Three Sisters Vineyards

Anonymous said...

That look soooooo fun!

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