Day 3 in Paris...

As I begin writing this post to tell you about Day 3 of our trip I realize now that we have been home for 10 days, seems like we just got back from Paris and yet I'm still amazed that we went. Organizing things around the house I found a painting I purchased over (probably) 14 years ago and it was of a scene in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background I think I've always had the desire to go to Paris from way back but sometimes you forget what your dreams used to be, I'm so glad Fer and I made the journey to France and when he asked me what I like best about being in Paris I said it was being with Him and that was of course the case. Being in such a romantic place with the one I love. :)

Day 3:

We walked thru the Tuileries Garden and from there headed to the Eiffel Tower following the Seine River (we had to check it out almost everyday) This is a beautiful garden with lot's of flowers and statues.

That evening we took a tour called Illuminations of Paris-Paris is called the City of Lights and let me tell you it's GORGEOUS at night. I highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Paris. Here's some pics from that tour:

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