Day 4 and 5

Day 4:
We took some sightseeing recommendations from Ina Garten (Food Network, Barefoot Contessa) She lived in Paris for a while, has an apartment and know about all the good restaurants, markets and shops. We visited the outdoor food market by St. Germain Boulevard.
It was so nice and I wish we had such a nice market here. Cheese, bread, meat, fish all kinds of foods and all fresh.

From there we walked to Notre Dame and had another Crepe. :)

While walking around the Notre Dame (Ile de Cite) area we stumbled on an ice cream shop that Ina recommends, she says it is the best and it was! Fer had chocolate ice cream I had cassis ice cream.
It began to rain so we headed back to the metro on the way to finding a metro stop we found a book store the sells Asterix comics, Fer's favorite comics from childhood they are actually french although he read them in Spanish and Portuguese when he was little. There is actually an amusement part in Paris of these comics, like Disney. We'll have to take our kids there some day.

That evening we discovered our neighborhood a little more and had a nice dinner at a Brasserie. {our waiter spoke English and when we asked him where he learned it he said in school and he's traveled to the US a few times when we asked where he said Texas and Miami - small world, I think he wanted to come back with us. LOL}

Day 5:
We started out shopping in the area of our hotel, went to a CD store and bought some french music.

Went to the Lourve - amazing Museum and HUGE you can spend a whole week in there if you look at everything. We moved pretty briskly thru the museum seeing the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Winged Victory. It was neat seeing the Mona Lisa in person, we had a nice time taking in the art of the Louvre.

In the evening we did the American thing and went to the Hard Rock Cafe.

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