Day 6

Day 6:
Sad because this was our last full day in Paris. We of course kept on going we went to the Musee d'Orsay, this museum picks up (time-wise) where the Louvre leaves off. Most of the impressionists works are at this museum. Monet, Manet (tippy tippy day day - sorry slip from Seinfeld) Cezanne, John Singer Sarget, Renoir it was amazing seeing everything in one place for me this type of art is SO inspiring.

This day we also went to the Eiffel Tower and waited in line (awhile) to go up to the top (we only wen to the first floor - that was fine with me) from here we could take in a view of Paris, incredible.

Two Americans that went to Paris, thanks for sharing the trip with me.

The End.

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Claudine said...

Hi Emily,
I just looked at your entire Paris album. your pictures are wonderful and left me almost in tears. I want to go to Paris more then anything and your pictures were so great I felt like I was there. Thanks for stopping at my blog too. Your's is great!

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