The Diaper Cake

For anyone interested in making their very own diaper cake here's the recipe:

You will need small diapers, elastic bands and two bottles for the basic construction of the cake - you can then go from there as to how decorative you'd like to make it.
{it's very easy and a great gift}

Start out with about 60 newborn size (or size 1) diapers:

Roll the diaper up starting with the part that goes around the waist:

Next begin forming the center by attaching the rolled up diapers to a bottle and work your way out from there to form the first layer of the cake:

Throughout the construction of the cake you just keep molding it into the round shape that you want. You'll need two baby bottles (or lotion) whatever you'd like to put in the center to build off it. Here's the cake with all three layers complete. Now you'll cover the elastic bands with ribbon:

Here it is with the ribbons added:

The final decorations have been added; you can add all kinds of things to diaper cakes, bibs, pacifers, toy, etc. hang from it. I wanted to keep mine simple. The ribbons where the colors of the shower. I opened the bottle on the top layer and used it to hold some silk flowers and put the final product on a cake stand.

Ready for the shower!

I filled the rest of the bottles with M&Ms (same ones we used for the favors) for more decorations around the food table. I am so happy with how the cake came out, I recommend it for all showers.

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