some more sightseeing in Atlanta

Working my way backwards now in the month (last month) and sprinkling in current events of December here I go trying to catch up on my blogging. November was a very busy month with my parents coming to visit us in Atlanta and then Fer and I heading to Connecticut for Thanksgiving I hardly had any time to keep up with all we did and I don't think December will be any less busy.

One of the places I had been waiting to visit until my parents were here (especially my Mom) was the Margaret Mitchell House (author of Gone with the Wind). She wrote the book while living right here in Atlanta and you can now go tour where she lived while she wrote it and also a museum dedicated to the movie. It's definitely a must see while here in Atlanta and you'll be surprised that the "house" you see when you drive by and think ohh that's so Gone with the Wind was actually a house with 10 apartments in it and she lived in ONE of them in the basement, but it is still worth seeing.

She was a reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution before she wrote the book.

Here's her house/apartment:

inside her apartment, one of the desks where she sat while writing the book:

inside the film museum:

there was also in the house an exhibit of photos from a photographer that followed Martin Luther King, Jr. during the civil rights movements

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